Adrian Cermak

Born in Slovakia, I grew up in a family of musicians; my father is a composer/songwriter, and my mother is a singer/vocal coach. Music has been around me my whole childhood. As a boy, I never wanted to be a professional musician, however, I always played an instrument. Throughout the years, I fell in love with the film. It fascinated me how big an impact music had on our perception of the narrative, character development, and emotions in films. I signed up for music composition classes, started writing music just for myself and, I don't even know how, I found myself pursuing a career of a film music composer. In 2018 I graduated from London College of Music, worked on a couple of small budget projects, but I felt frustrated as it seemed big projects are out of reach. 

THEN 2020 happened....

2020 has been a turning point in my career ever since I got my place at the National Film and Television School.
In the beginning of the year I was offered to score a 10 part TV Series for TV Markiza, Cervene Pasky.  This was followed by a fantastic collaboration with Maros Milcik whom I worked with on 2 TV commercials and a documentry IKONY. 

While working on many professional projects at present, I am also finishing my Masters degree at the National Film and Television School.


IKONY Stefan Svetko
Documentary, October 2020

Directed by Maros Milcik, IKONY Stefan Svetko is a documentary about one of the most accomplished Slovak architect. 


Square Peg Round Hole
Square Peg Round Hole
Short Film, December 2020

A beautiful family drama 'Square Peg Round Hole' directed by B Welby Delimere is a short film about a girl who finds it dificult to find her place in the schooling system. 

Cervene Pasky
TV Series, April 2020

Cervene Pasky is a 10 part adaptation of the famous series Red Band Society that ran on TV Markiza. This TV drama is about a bunch of kids who become friends while being in a hospital diagnosed with very serious illnesses. 

Screenshot 2021-01-11 at 13.38.05.png
Shanghai Story
Feature Film, 2021

Directed by Andrej Iliev, Shanghai Story is a feature film about a sex toy product copywriter (Drago Lazetich) and a mysterious stranger (Emilie Ohana) who cross paths in Shanghai and with the help of a hand-drawn map embark on an unforgettable adventure across the neon-lit city.

Radegast Ratar
TV Commercial, August 2020

A TV Commercial for RADEGAST RATAR directed by Maros Milcik. A beautifully shot commercial that ran on all Czech televisions in Summer 2020. 

RAJEC Mysteries.png
RAJEC Mysteries
TV Commercial, June 2020

RAJEC commercials are known for beautiful shots of the Rajec Valley in Slovakia and this one is no exeption. TV commercial for RAJEC directed by Maros Milcik ran across all TV stations in Slovakia and Czech Republic and I am proud to have been a composer on this project.