Born in Slovakia, I grew up in a family of musicians; my father is a composer/songwriter, and my mother is a singer/vocal coach. Music has been around me my whole childhood. As a boy, I never wanted to be a professional musician, however, I always played an instrument. Throughout the years, I fell in love with the film. It fascinated me how big an impact music had on our perception of the narrative, character development, and emotions in films. I signed up for music composition classes, started writing music just for myself and, I don't even know how, I found myself pursuing a career of a film music composer.

I moved to London to study film music composition at the London College of Music and I graduated with a First Class Honours degree. I studied under Leigh Phillips, who taught me a great deal about orchestration, arranging, and how to understand the moving image.

During my studies, I met a few aspiring film directors and scored around 8 short films, and 5 episodes of a comedy TV show MEL. After I graduated, I started working with 2 directors from Shanghai and composed music for a feature film and 2 commercials which were broadcasted all around China. 


In my personal life, I haven't had the easiest 5 years. Since I left home at the age of 19, I had to fully support myself and my studies which has been a battle. I did everything I could to survive financially. I worked as a fast-food delivery guy, waiter, event staff, taxi driver, dog sitter, babysitter, and a tour guide. Eventually I started teaching the piano, which provided a sufficient income to allow me to peacefully finish my studies.


At present, I teach piano, compose music for films and TV, and play in a band. I found myself in this very privileged position to be offered a place at the National Film and Television School and now I need to find a way of supporting myself through this.

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